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Enjoy the Amish Experience of Shipshewana

LaGrange and Elkhart counties make up the third-largest Amish community in the world. The Amish have strong beliefs related to God and family and put these first in how they live their lives. With this in mind please note that the Amish observe the Sabbath and do not work on Sundays. The business owners and residents of Shipshewana honor these beliefs by not being open on Sundays and consider it a day to worship, honor God, and rest. If you are staying at the INn on Sundays we do provide a list of Sunday activities and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

The Amish have a simpler way of life, choosing to abstain from most modern conveniences. The Amish will spend their free time tending their gardens, sewing, knitting, reading, visiting others, and playing games.  The youth will come together and play volleyball, baseball, and will congregate on a Sunday evening at a home for a Sing. Working and Playing together is what helps maintain and strengthen the family bonds.

In order to better understand the Amish way of life, we might recommend several activities which would provide a better understanding and appreciation of the Amish lifestyle.  These activities are a time where you are able to ask questions about Amish, their way of life and beliefs.

Menno-Hof Museum

An Amish and Mennonite Museum offering a unique look into the Amish and Mennonite world.  The museum provides a history of how the Amish came to be, the sufferings they endured for their faith, how they live, and how they practice love of others by always lending a helping hand. For more information please visit their website or call 260-768-4117.

The Bluegate Restaurant

The Bluegate, offering Amish style food, also offers 15-30 minute carriage rides and three different Amish Country Tour packages lasting between 1.5-2.5 hours which can include an excursion into the area with Amish Craftsman or supper in an Amish Home.  To reserve your space visit their website or call 888-447-4725.

To see what you might experience during you Amish Country Tour watch this video.

Buggy Lane Tours

John and Elaine Yutzy are Amish and own an Amish farm.  They offer buggy rides of 7-30 minutes from their business on Harrison Street in town.  They also offer an Amish working farm tour and supper in their home.  Supper in their home provides the opportunity to learn more about the Amish and have supper with their family.  If you remember, ask John and Elaine to play and join them in song.  Always a wonderful experience with a couple you will enjoy being with.  Visit their website or call John at 574-333-9584.

We hope you come away from these experiences with an appreciation, respect, and better understanding of the Amish.